Vision Texcelle is the ultimate creative design software for today's Jacquard industry, the digital design aid for today’s Textile Designer. Using this product, you can access sources of artwork using a scanner, digital camera and existing designs stored on disk, or you can start out from scratch and let your imagination fly free.

Built-In Functions

Texcelle features includes colour reduction, resizing, mirroring and re-coloring facilities. With all these a designer can work on several designs at the same time.Checking for floats in your designs is also a very easy, versatile feature of the texcelle.

Main Features

  • Over 170 creative design functions.
  • Simultanious creating and editing of multiple designs.
  • Colour editing, colour definition and colour statistics functionality.
  • Creative tools for filling with patterns, weave structures and binder points.
  • Multiple Undo and Redo functions.
  • Reading and writing of multiple different standard file formats (including TIF, TGA, BMP, PCX, JPG and many more )
  • Special Carpet and Knitting oriented functions for textile professionals.

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